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Electric Fencing

At Rural Farm Fencing Yarra Valley we can construct, repair, maintain and install any type of electric fencing. Using quality Speedrite, Thunderbird, Daken and Gallagher products either mains, battery or solar powered we can build you an electric fence that will suite your needs.

Electric fencing is a cost effective fencing way to contain your stock safely. Electric wires will eliminate livestock pushing on your fences and stretching the wire which will increase the life of your fence. Also running an electric wire along the top of post will stop horses chewing the tops of posts and rails.

There are many different options when considering electric fencing, the electric fencing unit can be mains powered, battery or solar, there are insulators which sit on your posts and standoff insulators which sit off the fence. There are plastic and porcelain insulators and they come in many different styles to choose from and we can show you all your options and help you decide which one suits your requirement.

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Thunderbird Unipower remote controlled energisers. external battery only or external battery and solar panel, external battery and 240V power supply.

thunderbird energiser
thunderbird solar energiser

Solar energisers with built in rechargeable battery.

thunderbird battery energiser
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Speedrite mains power energiser suits all types of livestock. This big power unit will power up to 630 kms of fencing.

mains power energiser
battery energiser

Speedrite battery or mains power energiser units. Contact us for all length fencing runs.

solar energiser
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Daken battery power energiser units. Convenient 12V models.

Suit all small to medium fences, all livestock and feral animals.

daken solar energiser

Daken solar power fencing units 3 year warranty on all energisers.

daken battery power energiser
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Gallagher power plus energisers offer value and outstanding performance Solar or mains/battery available.

gallagher energiser
gallagher mains energiser
equine electric fencing
Types of Electric Fencing

Pine post at 3.5m spacings with 3 x plain wires, 1 x top white sighter wire and 1 x electric stand off hot wire.

Electric Fencing

Black star pickets at 3m spacings with 3 x plain wires, 2 x white sighter wires and 2 x electric stand off hot wires.

Types of Electric Fencing

Pine posts (4-5 inch) at 4m spacings with 3 x white sighter wires, 1 x bottom electric wire drilled through the post and 1 x electric wire on top of the post. This will stop horses from chewing the posts.