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hing joint fencing

Hinge Joint Fencing

The most popular fencing option for contain pets and livestock! There are many options to choose from like 8/90/15 hinge joint, Equine mesh, rabbit netting, chick mesh. Hinge joint fencing is suitable to contain a variety of livestock from chickens, sheep, dogs, and horses.

Cattle & Horse Yards

Specialising in both cattle and horse yard construction, these yards are designed for functionality and durability. Tailored to client specifications, they can be constructed in steel for longevity or timber for a rustic appearance.

electric fencing yarra valley

Electric Fencing

A cost-effective way to contain livestock safely, electric fencing uses quality products for durable and reliable barriers. It prevents livestock from damaging the fence, extends its life, and is adaptable to different animal types.

post and rail fencing victoria

Post & Rail Fencing

Ideal for horse properties and home boundaries, post and rail fencing offers a visually appealing and highly visible solution. Customisable to fit various needs, it ensures safety and longevity while enhancing property aesthetics.