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Hinge Joint Fencing

There are many styles of hinge joints fencing to choose from including 8/90/15 hinge joint, farm lock, rural nettings, chicken wire, chain mesh and weld mesh.

Hinge joint has squares which come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs; the holes are smaller at the bottom and get bigger as they go up. Hinge joint is a great way of keeping medium sized live stock in and out of your property.

Farm lock is used commonly with sheep, cattle, pigs, and large dogs. Farm lock is stronger than hinge joint, it is used in all the same situation that hinge joint is but it will with stand more pressure from livestock.

Rural netting or rabbit wire come in many different heights and is great to keep rabbits in or out as well as many other small animals.

Chicken wire is great for the chook shed, chicken wire will keep your chickens in and dogs and fox’s out.

Chain mesh is great for security fences, front fences, around sports grounds and on the farm. It is great in and situation and is very strong, it also comes coated in black PVC making it a great safe option around sporting grounds, and it also looks great as a feature fence.

Galvanised star pickets at 3.5m spacings with 8/90/15 hinge joint and 5 x plain wires. Total fence height is 1200mm high.