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Plain Wire Fencing

Wire fencing is an affordable fencing option that is safe and strong. Used alone or with a wire mesh it will keep stock contained, deter trespassers and is an effective way of defining your boundaries.

There are many different options when choosing plain wire fencing there is high tensile, medium tensile, galvanized, zinc aluminium coated, nylon as well as Plasteel mono black wire. Both the zinc and galvanised wire are 2.5mm thick and come in both medium and high tensile, medium tensile being easier to bend and high tensile being less malleable but and be strained tighter.

PVC coated horse wire has a 3mm wire coated with 1mm of PVC, this is ideal for horses, usually at least one strand of PVC coated horse sighter wire used when constructing fences to contain horses. The sighter wire will make the fence more visible for you horses meaning less chance of entanglement.

Rural Farm Fencing Yarra Valley can help you choose which wire suites your needs then build a quality fence using the wire chosen by you.